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45714 Oakbrook Ct. Unit 160   Sterling, VA 20166






 Double Phoenix

We've moved!, WHICH MEANS we're open at the new place now!... Our grand opening party IS oN Wed Jan 1st 2020! WHICH means TO YOU...new promotions!...




  1. Fill out the contact form, include what programs you're interested in. 

  2. A friendly staff member will email you back asap to schedule you for the next available free class. 

  3. During the class you will be personally walked through the fundamentals. 

  4. After class we will reserve a time to go over our affordable membership options to see which is the best fit for you and your family. 




  • Fundamental BJJ Movements
  • Rock solid technique for self defense
  • Peak physical fitness
  • Flexibility / conditioning
  • Stress Relief
  • Personal Growth


Kids Fundamentals class is for kids ages 6-14, and focuses on self defense, building confidence , and improving fitness- all while having fun and making friends!  In this program, kids will develop strength, perseverance, an understanding of body mechanics and healthy movements, fundamental Jiu Jitsu techniques and combat strategy.


  • Boxing fundamentals
  • Self defense
  • Peak physical fitness / conditioning
  • Stress Relief
  • Personal Growth


  • Fundamental Boxing Movements
  • Great for self defense
  • Peak physical fitness
  • Excellent conditioning
  • Confidence building
  • Personal Growth


  • Self defense that works!
  • Increased confidence!
  • Train with great friends!
  • Exciting workout! 
  • Lots of fun! 


  • Fundamental BJJ Movements
  • Rock solid technique for self defense
  • Peak physical fitness
  • Flexibility / conditioning
  • Stress Relief
  • Personal Growth


Kyle Youngman

BJJ Instructor / Owner

Kyle started training Jiu Jitsu in college with a very simple goal in mind: to learn real-life self-defense.  It didn't take long to realize that Jiu Jitsu, while being the best possible preparation for self-defense, is so much more.   Early on, Kyle knew that the greatest thing he could possibly do with his life was to share this incredible martial art, and give others the opportunity to benefit from it in the millions of ways that he did.  Kyle has a unique and methodical approach that explains Jiu-Jitsu techniques in a fundamental way, so students are never given dogmatic techniques to duplicate, but actually understand the theory and practice of Jiu Jitsu, so that Jiu Jitsu can become a creative process harnessing both body and mind.   Although competing has never been Kyle's singular focus, he has proven himself again and again, by most recently winning Silver in No Gi Pan American Championships.  His highest priority is helping his students develop a well-rounded skill-set which includes developing and fostering the charecter and integrity befitting of a true martial artist.

Tamara Dominick

BJJ Instructor / Owner

Ever since she began her training, Tammy has been totally obsessed with Jiu Jitsu.  Training is the most fun, most challenging, and most rewarding part of her life and getting to share that passion is the highest privilege.   Learning Jiu Jitsu fostered a newfound sence of self-assurance, confidence, and inner-strength for Tammy that has helped her in every aspect of her life.  She is an actively practicing Nurse Practitioner in the field of Critical Care and uses her mental focus, calmness under pressure, and confidence both on the mats and in the ICU.  Although it was never her goal to compete when she first started, she quickly found a competitve side of herself she never knew was there, and was soon dominating in competition.  At purple belt, Tammy was ranked #3 internationally, having medalled at the Pan American Championship four times, and winning gold in her division three times.

John Brattelli

Boxing / Muay Thai Instructor

John Brattelli is a family man that would do anything for his family.  His passion for boxing/kickboxing and martial arts is shown by training every day helping people build incredible skill.  John won the gold medal in the World Games competing against Spain, UK, and Russia. He brings over 20 years of martial arts experience experience to the program. In addition to being a local police officer, Coach Brattelli is on the SWAT team and is a defensive tactics instructor with a local police department. John is also a purple belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

Lucas Lepri

Lepri BJJ Association


Lucas Lepri, member of the Jiu Jitsu Hall of Fame and 7-time World Champion is the Head of the Lepri Jiu Jitsu Association, head quartered in Charlotte, NC.  Professor Lepri has dedicated his life to the pursuit of the best possible training and instruction of Brazillian Jiu Jitsu.  Despite his own rigorous training schedule, he continues provide the highest level instruction to his affiliates. 

About Us

Kyle and Tammy are a husband and wife team, and are equal partners in Double Phoenix Academy.  When they met, their first conversation was about grappling!  Kyle had a friend who had been showing him a few introductory moves informally in his garage, and Tammy was a fan of grappling martial arts, but never had hopes of every being anything more than a spectator when she first met Kyle.   They hit it off, and quickly signed up at a local bjj school, and that's where the serious training began.  After a while, they started to help new students during their fist class at their gym and got a taste of what it felt like share their passion for Jiu-jitsu.  They both knew that they loved teaching and knew that one day, they wanted to open their own school.  They knew that no matter what, they wanted to train for the rest of their lives and wrote a list of their long term goals- owning their own school was on the top of the list!  They could not be happier because every day, the get to live out their dream and their passion by helping others to learn this amazing Martial art!


OUr Mission

Double Phoenix Jiu-Jitsu is dedicated to teaching adults and children the art of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. 

The coaches devote their time working with each student individually to help them reach their goals. 


Our community works together to create a safe and challenging environment for fostering a more knowledgeable and technical understanding of Jiu-Jitsu.  Our mission is to provide world class training in a friendly and welcoming environment.

Why the Name Double Phoenix?

Coach Tammy and Coach Kyle both know what it means to go through adversity and transform the challenge into something positive. 


They feel that the discipline of martial arts is, in a large way, about perseverance through difficult situations.  Most people have experienced challenges in which they need to be strong and keep moving forward. 


The Phoenix is a symbol of rebirth,  rising anew from ashes with powerful energy.  We believe that the journey of the Phoenix can be compared to the cylical nature of life, and all of the many journeys therein. 


Earning a black belt in BJJ is often compared to a rebirth: you struggle and reach towards this goal, but when you do finally achieve this, a newer, deeper journey of exploration of ideas and efficient technique begins. 


The concept of the phoenix can be seen in many aspects of Jiu Jitsu.  For example, getting caught in a submission, but then learning, adapting, and rising again to come back with a fury, stronger than before mirrors the journey of the Phoenix.


Martial arts has always had a connection to Zen concepts, like being mentally present in the moment and understanding things as they are, without delusion.  Being honest with yourself is necessary for growth. 


Frankly and fairly acknowledging one's strengths and weaknesses is the only way to address those weaknesses and build a stronger version of yourself.  The name “Double Phoenix” was chosen as a way of capturing the idea of continual re-birth as well as the bond that Kyle and Tammy share, and the energy they want to share with the world.



Top-Notch Facilities:

  • Students train with the highest grade equipment and mats from Fuji Mats. 

  • We invested in a top of the line Fuji Spring subfloor for students to have a better training experience. 

  • A shower is provided for students to wash up before and after classes; the soap and shampoo are included.

  • Drinks are available for students to purchase along with complimentary free bottled water from Crystal.

spring Subfloor for Comfortable training

Highest Quality Mats

ProShop area

Location & Parking 


  • On-site parking available directly outside.  Students also may park in the Reston Bible Church parking lot for extra parking. Below is a map of how to access the parking.


  • If you have any questions, just ask Danielle at the front desk and we'll make sure you have parked in an appropriate spot.


Extra Parking 


                    45714 Oakbrook Ct. 

                    Unit 160 

                    Sterling VA 20166