We Are Lucas Lepri Virginia

Professor Lucas Lepri is a 9X Black Belt World Champion and Double Phoenix Jiu Jitsu is his Virginia affiliate school.  Professors Kyle and Tammy are both black belts under Lucas Lepri. With Professor Tammy being the first female black belt under Lucas.  Professor Lucas visits Double Phoenix Jiu Jitsu aka Lucas Lepri Virginia at least once a year and continues to pass on his knowledge and inspiration. 

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LUCAS LEPRI has been one of the most dominate grapplers in bjj history and was awarded the hall of fame title for being one of the best of all time. He even closed out a division with a teammate/friend and took silver one year which would have made it 10 times winning worlds. 


Lucas Lepri has won the Pan American Championship 9 times at black belt. Pan Ams has the best Jiu Jitsu fighters in the world competing in it. 

 European Champion

Lucas has placed first in almost every major event in the world. He's won Europeans in 2010 and placed silver in 2011.  Lucas has won the Brazilian Nationals and the orld Pro. 


The most prestigious nogi grappling event in world history is the ADCC and Lucas Lepri has placed 2nd twice. 

About Lucas Lepri

Head Instructor of Lucas Lepri HQ in Charlotte NC, Lucas Lepri, is one of the most accomplished and decorated jiu jitsu athletes in the world. He is a 9-time black belt World Champion and has won every major jiu jitsu tournament in the world, a feat accomplished by only a handful of athletes in history. His black belt competition record began in 2007 with him winning the World Championships. In 2014, he won every major tournament he entered, including winning the World title again in what many call the most dominant performance of the 2014 World Championship tournament. Lucas followed up his previous successes with a gold medal winning performance at the 2016 World Championships described by Flograppling as “flawless” as he submitted his way to yet another gold medal. Long known as one of the most prolific grapplers on the planet, Lucas has now focused some of his championship level abilities to the coaching realm-leading his school to the 2016 Charlotte Open Championship in only its second year of existence.

Lucas is from Uberlândia, Minas Gerais, Brazil and came to the US in 2009 to be an instructor at Alliance, New York City. After 3 years of instructing in New York, Lucas spent 2 years instructing at the Alliance US headquarters in Atlanta, GA, alongside Master Romero “Jacaré” Cavalcanti. Though not all great athletes make great instructors, Lucas’ instructor training grounds have been among the best in the world and his student’s successes are a testament to his teaching and coaching abilities. He has produced many World, Pan, and European medalists and people have moved from all over to train with Lucas full-time.

In 2022 Lucas Lepri was given the Hall of Fame award, solidifying him as one of the best of all time.